PureView Pro in Nokia 808

by Rakesh on December 28, 2012

With lots of effort and long time R & D in past finally camera technology in smartphones has reached to a next level – thanks to Pureview. The first device to showcase this technology is Nokia 808 PureView, which provides you the power to capture high quality images and videos than ever.

In this technology we combine different pixels to get one perfect Pixel. We actually are selecting best attributes from each pixel and filter out noise from them. This is basically pixel oversampling, it creates a super pixel which is perfect in all sense. This is a power punch from nokia in order to stay alive in the tough competition from other rivals like HTC, Samsung and iPhone.

Design :-

IMonitor EAM Standard Edition 3 computers license

Nokia continues to use Gorilla Glass on its devices, this time even even the camera lens has been coated which is a very thoughtful decision. This protection extends across all four inches of the AMOLED screen as well. Unfortunately, the resolution hasn’t moved on from the N8, with the same 640 x 360 pixel count now stretched further, which translates to a creaky 184 ppi.

Nokia has implemented slide zoom in this device which is much faster than the conventional zoom. Slide zoom is much precise and we don’t have to make any adjustment to get the exact frame which we need. It is easier to use by just sliding our finger on screen.

Some Positives of this device :-

  • We get 3 x lossless zoom and 4 x zoom in full 1080p with this powerful device, which set standards pretty high.
  • Purity in every detail.
  • Images are not distorted.
  • Phone has a very simple design and it still looks far more elegant than much complicated phones.
  • Using it we are talking only about quality and not quantity.


Now nokia will be using this pure view technology in all its future windows phones.Today every phone or handset manufacturer are fighting for a way to differentiate their offspring’s from other’s when it comes to camera. Pure view can be a game changer for Nokia if they get it implanted on other devices also as effectively as in this.


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