How to Resize Image Dynamically in PHP

by Rakesh on January 4, 2013

Today almost every website you visit show content in form of thumbnails. Thumbnails are nothing but images displayed next to the content. Be it News website or a blog, displaying images next to content is key to appeal user. Even our blog shows images as thumbnails on home page.

A prerequisites to show Thumbnail in a webpage is that thumbnail must be small enough. So that many thumbnails can be loaded as fast as possible. Hence almost every website resize the image to create small thumbnails.So how to do this on the fly? How to resize an Image dynamically in PHP?There is an extremely useful PHP library called timthumb which comes very handy. It’s just a simple PHP script that you need to

download and put in some folder under your website. And then simply call it with appropriate arguments.

  1. Download timthumb.php and put under any folder.
  2. Upload this script timthumb.php though FTP to your web hosting. Put it under a directory /script.
  3. Just call timthumb.php with appropriate arguments, For example:

resized image

And that’s all!!
One thing worth noting here is that this library will create a folder cache in the directory where timthumb.php script resides. This folder will cache the resized image for better performance.You can refer following table for different parameters and its meaning.

Parameter Values Meaning
src source url to image Tells TimThumb which image to resize
w width the width to resize to Remove the width to scale proportionally (will then need the height)
h height the height to resize to Remove the height to scale proportionally (will then need the width)
q quality 0 – 100 Compression quality. The higher the number the nicer the image will look. I wouldn’t recommend going any higher than about 95 else the image will get too large
a alignment c, t, l, r, b, tl, tr, bl, br Crop alignment. c = center, t = top, b = bottom, r = right, l = left. The positions can be joined to create diagonal positions
zc zoom / crop 0, 1, 2, 3 Change the cropping and scaling settings
f filters too many to mention Let’s you apply image filters to change the resized picture. For instance you can change brightness/ contrast or even blur the image
s sharpen Apply a sharpen filter to the image, makes scaled down images look a little crisper
cc canvas colour hexadecimal colour value (#ffffff) Change background colour. Most used when changing the zoom and crop settings, which in turn can add borders to the image.
ct canvas transparency true (1) Use transparency and ignore background colour

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