How to Identify Safe Websites

by Rakesh on January 13, 2013

Today I am here to share some information about security of your computer

When you visit a website, you don’t know that the website is safe or not to your computer, By using the tools in this post, you will be able to judge a website it is safe or not.

Here are the 7 most trusted tools to check wether a website is safe or not.

1. WOT or Web Of Trust(

WOT is a best place to check the reputation of your favorite website. WOT gives you real time rating for every website based on the beedback that it gets from millions of trustworthy users across the globe and trusted sources, such as phishing and malware blacklists.Each domain name is evaluated based on this data and ratings are applied to them.

The reputation of each website is shown in terms of 4 components where green means excellent, yellow warns user to be caution andred indicates danger.

Trustworthiness signifies the overall safety of the website. A poor rating may indicate that the site is associated with threats like internet scams, phishing, identify theft risk and malware.

Vendor realiability tells you whether a given site is safe for carrying out buy and sell transaction with it. An excellent rating indicates superior customer satisfaction while a poor rating indicates possible scam or bad shopping experience.

Privacy indicates about “to what extent the site respect the privacy of it’s users and protected their personal identity and data”.

Child Safety indicates that the content of a given site is appropriate for children. Site content like sexual material, nudity and vulgaritywill have a poor Chiled Safety rating.

In most cases, the WOT ratings are found to be highly accurate. To check the reputation of any given website, just visit type-in the address of your favorite website and click on “Check now”. This tool alone can tell you a lot about the reputation and safety level of a website. However, in addition to this, I am giving you another 6 handy tools to identify safe websites on the Web.

2.  McCafee SiteAdvisor

McCafee SiteAdvisor is a free tool that is available as abrowser add-on. It add safety rating to your browser and search engine result.You can download it form You can also use it without downloading it by just entering the URL of the website and checking whether it is safe or not.

3.  StopBadware

Using this tool, you can chack wether a given site is said to have involve in malware acivity in the past. To check this, go to and enter the URL or domain name of a website and click on “Search Clearinghouse”,If the search does not return any result, that means the site was never involved in any of the malware activty in the past.

4.  Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic

Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic is easy for you to check if a site is in Googl’s suspicious list with malware. Just paste below link in your browser address bar. And then replace “” with any other domain you want to look up.

Go to Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic

5.  Unmasked Parasites

Unmasked Parasites is based upon Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic, and will show you if a webpage is celan or note, the result reportwill show you all the links on the site. Unmask Parasites is workable for shorted URL, which will be ecpanded and scanned automatically.

Go to Unmask Parasites

6.  AVG Link Scanner

AVG leads the way in protecting you from ever-increasing online threats.

  • Checks each web page in real time before it opens on your computer
  • Automatically updates whenever a new threat is discoverd
  • It’s quick and easy to install, won’t get in your way, and it’s FREE!

You can download AVG LinkScanner here : AVG Link Scanner


Again, Norton SafeWeb is a smart tool to check malicious, dangerous and defective links

You can Download Norton Safeweb here : Norton SafeWeb

I Hope you like this article.


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